Tips: How to efficiently organize your bedroom.

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We all know how important it is to create a home we love; one that reflects our individuality with its design, color scheme and finish, and makes us feel happy to pass the time.

When it comes to feeling satisfied and relaxed in a room, this is perhaps the most important in a sleeping area. The bedroom should be a refuge in the evening as a place where you can feel uplifted in the morning. When decorating, you should think about what makes you feel comfortable and happy at the same time.

Fitting a bedroom is much more than choosing a supportive mattress and soothing wall color - it's important to think about adding cozy textured elements and storage that aren't an eyesore.

If you think your room is missing the mark right now, we asked the experts to share their must-have items that can be purchased to easily brighten up a space. Plus, they've also shared their best styling tips.

Apply Upholstery
Alexandra advises placing plenty of comfortable, textured pieces on your bed in the form of high thread count cotton or linen sheets, plush pillows and soft throws.
Wegzakken in je cozy BOHO slaapkamer

"You want something that you can really sink into at the end of the day," she said.

Je slaapkamer inrichten om ervan te genieten

Find a bedroom chair you love
"While we always recommend that customers keep their bedrooms clean, tidy and an oasis of calm, we sometimes understand that it is needed to throw some clothes on something at the end of the workday.Don't worry too much about buying a large, perfectly practical chair, as you would if you were buying it for a living room.

Often the chair just goes into that little corner where you think it can do that little bit extra. It doesn't have to be big, or even that practical. It's not a dining room chair or office chair where he needs arms. It's just something nice to look at, maybe you'll throw on your clothes at the end of the day, or sit down to put on your makeup.

Really, it's a piece just for you, so you should look for something that really makes your heart sing. Look for a really nice shape - it could be a slipper chair with no arms, or something from the mid-century, or a cocktail chair that's a little more glamorous and round.

Add a comforting wallcovering
Decorating a bedroom with wallcoverings such as wall panels is gaining popularity as a fresh alternative to standard framed prints on walls. They're great for those looking to add a statement to their space, as large sizes pack a serious punch.

Je slaapkamer afwerken met een groot design wandpaneel
Kunst en prints kunnen perfect in de slaapkamer worden geïntegreerd

Hanging art
Art is a great way to express your personal taste and ensure that you always have beautiful things to look at. It can be daunting to select pieces that you really like, but always fit your gut feeling. If you see something and you're automatically drawn to it, that's a pretty good sign that you won't get tired of staring at it.

Often people worry that you'll have to give up a lot of money to get good art, but that is not true. Opt for prints or posters for the most cost-effective way to get the work of an artist you love.

Framing your works will always make them look more professional and better in the space, but you doesn't have to go expensive right away to get the look. As long as you know the dimensions of the work, you can order frames online. There is always plenty of choice from colored frames, to wooden and monochrome.


Een zitkank of grote poef (hocker) aan het voeteind van je bed

Use a sofa or ottoman
We like to place these at the end of a bed as they usually help to complete a room, or if space is limited , place the ottoman along a blank wall with oversized art above it for a minimalist look.

Esentimo believes that sofas or an ottoman can add a truly luxurious element to a bedroom, so consider opting for plush velvet in rich colors to channel this.

Scented candles in the bedroom
Most of us love candles, but that means we should have them in our bedroom ? Below are a few reasons why we say absolute.

There is a reason why so many people love using scented candles when decorating the home or, for example, their bedroom. Candles are romantic and relaxing. Their soft flickering light and beautiful scents create instant atmosphere. And a scented candle does a great job of creating a soothing atmosphere in a home.

Een geurkaars in de slaapkamer om een ultieme relaxerende sfeer te verkrijgen

You can also find just about any scent you can think of. They also serve as a great addition to the changing of the seasons. This makes them an easy way to instantly change the feeling. We certainly like the convenience and options that candles provide, which is why we definitely tend to add them to our bedrooms.

  • Relaxing lighting
  • Delicious scents
  • Determines the atmosphere
  • Easy to change
  • Seasonal options

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