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Bedroom inspiration: how do you create an attractive bedroom?

All your 2023 bedroom inspiration and decoration questions answered.

You know those bedrooms you just live in? Beautifully styled, everything in its place, invites you to curl up under the covers with silk pajamas, a good book and maybe even a glass of wine.

We think you deserve to come home to the bedroom of your dreams.

What is the best way to place art above a bed?

We love a good art statement above a bed! It helps draw the eye upwards and anchors the bed to the ceiling. We often favor a unique, oversized art moment for its refined simplicity, but you could also consider a more gallery style (try a range of matching frames with a consistent motif).

Wat is de beste manier om kunst boven een bed te plaatsen?

What is 'essential' bedroom furniture?

We almost always find 'essential' relative. But if we were to put a stake in the ground, we'd definitely say a bed (no surprise there), some kind of hard surface to use as a bedside table (your alarm clock 'phone' and the last book you started reading has to go somewhere ), and at least one lamp (ceiling lights are too stimulating when you go to bed). We often see some form of clothing storage, such as a dresser, in our bedroom designs, but for particularly small spaces that don't have the square footage, we'd suggest considering creative closet storage instead.

Is there a way to have a chic bedroom without white bedding?

Everyone is a fan of crisp white linen, but there are so many beautiful bedding options to bring in color or pattern. Especially if you want to do something more modern and dramatic, or if you're more into the boho or cottagecore genre.

Is er een manier om een chique slaapkamer te hebben zonder wit beddengoed?

How do you integrate a desk in a bedroom?

Given more than two years of 'stay at home' lifestyle, I think many people faced the challenge of creating a dual purpose living space, including a home office in the bedroom. Good news: it is absolutely doable! Some simple guidelines. Stay within the overall room palette, maintaining a consistent design aesthetic and style for a cohesive vignette in your space. Consider ways to draw attention upwards with artwork above the desk or even vertical shelves.

Hoe integreer je een bureau in een slaapkamer?

What are your ideas if we only have one bedside table?

While we love double bedside tables, we also like a more eclectic, asymmetrical design. If you have a smaller bedroom, consider placing the dresser on the opposite side of the bed for extra lamplight and hard surface space. Or try a vintage stool stacked with coffee table books, or even a small pedestal to serve as a second bedside table. Or skip the nightstand altogether and just go for a plug-in wall sconce.

Which window covering is best if windows are partially obscured by furniture?

Go with Roman blinds. They add texture and softness to the top of your windows, without cluttering the scene. And bonus: screen outside light for a peaceful night's sleep.

Can you put rugs on carpet?

Feel free to - and by that I mean please! Just make sure the two play well together.

Bedroom inspiration tip: natural sheepskins on the floor, bed or sofa always give an extra cozy touch.

How can I get a 20 year old matching set today without breaking the bank?

It always depends on the style, of course, but there are a number of ways to freshen up a set with a little design inspiration and elbow grease. Many old sets are particularly dark and heavy, so consider stripping and staining to a lighter wash for a more current, natural aesthetic. Or just paint in a tone that suits your palette (a fun and fresh twist is to go really bright and vibrant). Also try updating the hardware for an easy, budget-friendly facelift. If you're not into the DIY scene, there's still so much you can do with styling to take your space to the next level.

Is wallpaper on ALL walls too much? Especially when it's darker?

NO! Bedrooms are an absolutely amazing space to go all-in with wall-to-wall wallpaper. And anyway, if bold and colorful is your thing, we support and applaud you! The trick is to balance the paper with light linens and decor, preferably in solids, to brighten up the space and serve as visual calm.

Slaapkamer inspiratie blog: Is behang op ALLE muren te veel?

Bedroom inspiration: 3 extra ideas

Large-scale artwork

Now is the time to let all your beautiful works of art shine on a grand scale.
A single, large piece or a set of two or more frames can fill the almost always empty space in the room - above the bed.
If you're looking for high-quality, yet affordable art for your home, I recommend these examples:

Tip: If you're hanging artwork above the bed, make sure you hang it a foot or less above the highest point of a headboard to avoid an awkward river of space between the two.

Bedside tables (and essentials)

The items on your bedside table should be balanced between beautiful and practical. Some items can just be pretty and add to the overall style of the room, while others should be practical and help organize your essentials.
A completely bare bedside table looks sterile; one that is disorganized and overcrowded looks cluttered - finding a perfect item will add that just right feel to your whole room.
Here's a good place to start: add a lamp for reading, a candle for cosiness, and a jewelry tray for your studs and rings. Get creative and mix it up for a more interesting and "designed" look.

A bench at the foot of the bed

Take advantage of the open space at the end of your bed by adding some extra seating.
Keep it classic with a standard sofa, or alternate by placing two hockers next to each other for extra structure.

We hope to have provided you with new ideas with this blog post, now it's up to you to furnish your dream bedroom.

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Icelandic sheepskin

Buying a sheepskin as a real eye-catcher in your interior and fantastic to create a cozy place in the bedroom on a couch, your bed or on the floor.

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