Personalized candle

Especially for you.

Experience a personalized candle

Make it just a little more personal. Just for yourself or as a gift, at Esentimo you have the opportunity to fully adapt each of our collections to your own wishes. We pour your personal blend of scent and color into your favorite container.
To obtain an optimal scent distribution, a 100% natural Soy wax scented candle at least 2 weeks to harden. We will ship your product after 1 week, order your candles in time. Wait at least 1 week before lighting the candle. However, you don't have to wait to enjoy your scented candle, you will also be able to enjoy the aroma when cold.

So you have to send someone a gift, but you have no idea what they like. Neither their clothing size nor their personal preferences. Or what if they have dietary restrictions? There goes that idea of ​​a gourmet cookie platter!

The act of gift-giving should be fulfilling, not stressing. But with so many options and unknowns, combined with your sincere desire to show you a thoughtful gift, all that pressure can take away from the joy of gift-giving.

A candle can be the stress-free and be a customized gift solution you need.

Giving a scented candle as a gift means respecting a person's unique taste while offering a classic and multifunctional gift that can be used for self-care, home decoration or a home fragrance.

Candles have many valuable uses and the right candle set can make a thoughtful and timeless gift for anyone. So if you can't find the best gift for a friend, colleague or loved one, Esentimo is here to help.

1. The right candle fits into every house style

Is their interior style boho chic? Or designed as a minimal monastery? Or do you have no idea! By choosing the right candle container you can give a design-neutral candle, so that the sometimes private or unknown details of someone's interior do not influence your gift decision.

Take a Modesty Personalized Candle - the clean, minimalist design packs maximum punch with its message. The container's matte finish and sleek and minimalist design style blends seamlessly into any room or home.

2. Lighting a scented candle can help improve one's mood

2. Lighting a scented candle can help improve one's mood
Scent has an impact on how we experience our space. It can prompt our brain receptors to respond calmly, or even with excitement or force.” So lighting a scented candle could be the magic you need to get your (or your gift recipient's) mojo back!

Our candles are generously scented with curated fragrance blends and are also a healthy and natural mood booster.

3. Candles can be a conversation starter

While most people buy candles for the scent, there are also some unique candle shapes, molds and colors available on the candle market; mainly driven by aesthetics.

You could also explore a candle with a bit more function, meaning and impact - that delivers more than what you see (and nose).

The right candle gift can do more do than just smell and look good, but can make someone feel good.

Personalized candles offer multi-sensory experiences that appeal to the senses of sight, sound and smell. We explore self-awareness as self-care through these immersive candle experiences designed to ground your whole self (mind and body).

4. Candles can help relieve stress

Candles are a staple for self-care and are often appropriate and set the mood for other relaxing activities such as a bubble bath or DIY spa day. Imagine turning off all the artificial light in your space and enjoying the ambiance of the natural light of a candle flame. If you can gift this experience to someone you know with a personal candle, it can mean more than you know to that person and what he or she is dealing with.

Furthermore, candles can be the prequel to help someone sleep better and manage the less good days that life can throw at us.

5. A personalized candle is gender neutral and great for any occasion

Have a nice holiday? New house? New job? happy birthday sweetie? With the right personalization, you can tailor your gift to any milestone, occasion, gender or season.

So while candles may seem like an easy or "lazy" gift, the right adjustments (personal or seasonal) can show just how thoughtful and intentionally you were to make the candle gift set special and unique to the gift recipient.

Are candles a good gift?

Yes. Candle gift sets stay true to the emotional idea of ​​giving. Whether as a birthday gift or a anniversary gift, candle gift sets are simple, thoughtful and intentional, and the recipients would really appreciate them. You can sleep better at night knowing that your gift will help someone stay focused at work, enjoy their moment of self-care, or relieve stress.