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Kaarshouders & kandelaars, hoe decoreer je ermee?

Kaarsen zijn de meest romantische accessoire die je aan je huis kunt toevoegen. Steek een paar kaarsen aan en voila, je huis krijgt een aangeklede look. Hier zijn een paar manieren om kaarsen in uw huis weer te geven: Decoratieve windlichten voor buiten zullen niet alleen voorkomen dat de kaars door de wind wordt beïnvloed bij maar zullen ook binnenhuis het interieur sieren. Speelse vlammen in het juiste kader zorgen ook in hightech interieurs voor een meditatieve sfeer. Windlichten van glas, keramiek en metaal in verschillende vormen en stijlen zullen elk interieur sieren....

Moderne originele kaarshouders hebben een compleet design dat ze zelfs vaak niet hoeven aangevuld te worden met kaarsen. Er is iets heel aantrekkelijks aan kaarsen in een mooie kaarshouder. Houd een cluster van hen om een warme rustieke sfeer te creëren. Deze zien er goed uit op consoletafels of voor spiegels. Combineer geurende theelichtjes met een mooie houder en gebruik ze ook eens in de badkamer of slaapkamer om een rustgevende sfeer te verkrijgen.

12 tips: Decorate with lantern and candle holder

One of the easiest ways to brighten up an event or interior is to choose interesting lighting options. Candles are a great way to brighten up any dull space and add a perky and cheerful flair. They are widely used to add warmth and also to create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. When using candles to enhance your interior or a festive occasion, candle holders and lanterns are an essential element that plays an important role in increasing their impact. A candle holder comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, colors, materials and styles that can help you create your desired look, but with so many options to choose from, it also makes the selection process quite challenging. Just like choosing any other decor accent, choosing votive candlesticks that go well with your candles and home decor is no easy feat. Certain factors should be considered as you shop for crystal candle holders to hold your candles. We've put together some key tips to help you make a wise decision and choose holders that are perfect for your needs. 1). Consider candle type

Different interior designs call for different types of candles. The different types of candles give a unique and distinctive touch to your living room, dining table or event decoration. A specific candlestick stand is usually made to hold only a certain type of candle. Whether you choose pillar candles, candle candles, votive candles or tea light candles, it is essential to combine candle holders with the right types of candles. For example, dinner candles or cone candles are tall with a thin or small base, so tapered candleholders are needed to properly fit these candles and allow them to stand upright at your dining tables for a chic and sophisticated look. Similarly, our pillar candle holders have a wider base with a pin in the middle to hold your pillar candles in place. While votive candle holders and tea light candle holders can be used interchangeably to hold either votive candles or tea light candles as both are typically small in size. That's why it's crucial to know what type of candle you want to use and choose your candle holders accordingly.

2). Consider candle base size

Another important factor to consider before choosing a model is the candle base size. Most people make a rash decision and buy a decorative candle holder that appeals to them at first glance without comparing the size of the opening to the base of their candles. Whether it is a tapered candle or a tealight candle, the candle must fit perfectly in the candlestick. A wobbly candle in a larger candlestick cup looks attractive. For example, a loose and ill-fitting candle in a glass hurricane candlestick is a safety hazard, and it also looks unattractive because the candles tilt to one side, causing the candle to burn unevenly. Choose items that support your candles well. Similarly, some tea light candles may look out of place when placed in random votive candle holders, there is either too much free space for the candle to move or the diameter of the base is not enough to seat the candle properly. When buying it is essential to measure the candle base and know the diameter of the opening of the candlestick cup to ensure that your candles fit perfectly in the candlesticks.

3). Select the correct size

There is a wide range of candle holders available in different sizes and heights. It is important to carefully examine the size and height of the candle holders before choosing them. If you plan to use long-stemmed models for your wedding table centerpieces, it is important to know the height of the tables and also the height of the candles you intend to use. When large pillar candles are placed on tall pillar candle holders, they look strange. The height of the candles should be in proportion to the height of the candlesticks to give a balanced look to your decor. Our slender and tall candle holders look enchanting and spread the soft and subtle light evenly into the surroundings, creating a romantic and dramatic atmosphere.

It is also important to determine the size and base diameter in order to make a rational choice. Candle holders are beautiful decorative accessories and can be placed anywhere to instantly illuminate the place. However, it is important to measure and choose the base diameter of the candle holders based on the space available to place them. To add perky decorative accessories to your living room mantel or decorate your window frames for a Christmas party, choose Christmas candle holders that are perfectly sized to give your candles a firm and stable support while still exuding the festive glow.

4). Consider placement

When choosing candlesticks it is critical to consider their placement. There are different types of tapered candle holders for indoor and outdoor use. All types of candlesticks can be used indoors. If you want to beautify your living room, kitchen, dining table, bedroom or event venue, you should choose from the wide variety of candlestick centerpieces available at efavormart to give all your indoor spotlights and spaces an enticing look. However, open space locations have that wind element that needs to be taken care of if you plan on using candles to light the space. An outdoor candlestick is designed to shield the open flame and deflect the wind by using glass tubes or cups over the candles. If you want to brighten up your outdoor event tables and use candles to create an extravagant atmosphere, choose our hurricane candlesticks to accentuate the aesthetic of your event decor. H). Consider the purpose of your candles

When it comes to creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere, candles are a go-to option that magically transform the space and add a whimsical feel. For special occasions and holiday decorations, use our decorative candle holders to create a cheerful and festive atmosphere. People also use candles for mindfulness and aromatherapy to relax their mind, soul and body. If you plan on using candles to spread positive energy vibes in your living room, opt for frosted votive candlesticks that are simple yet elegant and enhance the color and scent of your candles for a subtle and soothing effect.

6). Keep your interior design in mind

Candle holders are eye-catching decorative accessories that instantly add a chic and glamorous look to your party tables and interior. However, choosing an inappropriate design, style or color will make your decor look mismatched and unappealing. It is always important to consider how the shape, style, color and design can enhance the aesthetics of your space. From classic glass ones to eye-catching metal models, there are several candle holders that will add a sensational touch to your living room or dining table. Choose from the extensive collection available and combine your candles with suitable holders to give your interior a cohesive look. For example, to enhance a minimalist decor, choose our geometric candlesticks to give your tablescape a charming look. For a fashionable and contemporary living room decor, a modern piece such as a crystal or gold candlestick is sure to turn heads by adding an interesting edge to your interior. Complementing your rose gold decor, our rose gold models will make a wonderful addition to your event decoration.

7). Select a suitable material

Candlesticks are made of different materials such as glass, wood and metal. Choose the material that matches your theme and accentuates your interior. Glass models are versatile and can be used as elegant decorative accessories to give your tables a refined and luxurious look. Choose a metal set to stylishly decorate your Christmas tablescape. Opt for rustic chic wooden candle holders to enhance your nature-inspired design.

8). Consider the weight of the candlesticks

Another important factor to consider when choosing candlesticks is the weight of the holders. Stemmed ones should be heavy enough to hold large candles without tipping over. They also need to be sturdy enough to withstand accidental or unintentional pushes to keep things running smoothly. Our models are sturdy and robust so they can be placed anywhere without worrying about children or clumsy hands causing the holder to accidentally fall.

9). Consider the lighting effects

Good lighting effects can turn an ordinary-looking table setting or decor into an exciting one. Candlesticks with patterned, carved or colored bowls can provide sensational lighting effects to create a breathtaking atmosphere. If you want to illuminate your space with soft yet sparkling light, a crystal candle holder is an ideal choice. The decorations and patterns reflect the candlelight and create a beautiful glowing centerpiece. To add a touch of color to your tablescape or to accentuate your deliberate arrangement, choose our colored votive candle holders that spread the light in different shades to create the desired lighting effects.

10). Usability and versatility of the holder

Most people are hesitant to buy a decorative one for a one-time festive occasion because they don't think it's worth spending money on a decorative accessory that used only once or twice. That is why it is essential to choose a candle holder that can also be used for other purposes. Choose items that can be used as elegant flower vases, pen holders or to store spices, sweets and other items. There are many creative and artistic ways to use floor sconces to decorate your space, opt for a holder that fulfills its basic function and can then be stylishly reused for different purposes. 11). Consider the candle design

When combining candles with geometric models, it is vital to keep the design of your candles in mind. Candles come in a variety of shapes, colors, styles and designs, from classic plain white pillar candles to beautiful tea light candles in the shape of a rose, there are countless designs available to choose from. Choosing candlesticks that go well with your candles is yet another important factor to consider. If you intend to use elegant monochromatic pillar candles, you can choose our decorative lanterns to add a sensational touch to your candles and decor.

12). Consider the arrangement.

When decorating your living room, dining room table or event tables, it is important to consider the arrangement of your decorative accessories. These pieces can make a remarkable impression if arranged properly and elegantly. There is no doubt that candlesticks are much more than just holding your candles in place or preventing wax spills on your furniture, they are beautiful decor accents that when used properly can create a majestic atmosphere. If you want to brighten up your dining room table, choose a mix of silver pieces in different sizes to give your table top a charming look. Choose our tall glass candleholders and small tealight candleholders to create a beautiful arrangement. Our assortment of decorative candle holders of different heights is an ideal choice to find what you are looking for. Give a dramatic and sophisticated look to your ceiling decor and use flower hanging candlesticks and votive candles above your dining tables to make a dazzling impression on your guests. Use our premium glass candle holders to create a cluster of candles for a plush wedding candelabra centerpiece.

Whether you're looking for delicate touches to enhance your interior or something that exudes grandeur, candles can help you achieve any look. We hope that with these important tips in mind you can choose the perfect candle holder to accentuate your interior decoration. Check out our extensive collection of cheap candle holders to brighten up your space!