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Bring nature into your home with a modern touch, your unique tree trunk table.

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Mercury collection

With a set of extravagant dining tables inspired by the wild forest, the Mercury Collection is an ode to nature-inspired furniture design.

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Buying a tree trunk table: Some frequently asked questions

Are you looking for a dining table and would you rather have a unique table that no one else has? Then a real tree trunk table is exactly what you should go for. Made from 1 solid piece of wood, originating from mango tree trunks, often with a rich history. Mango wood is sustainable because mango trees capture carbon from the atmosphere, while mango furniture acts as a long-term carbon sink. Due to the large growing stock of mango trees, the wood is immediately available as a by-product of mango fruit and is therefore very sustainable.

What does a tree trunk table cost?
Our tables are very affordable and start from 719 euros for a dining table for 6 people. Naturally, we also supply larger models that are priced differently per size

When you purchase a unique tree trunk table, you naturally look out for complementary chairs. The advantage of tree trunk tables is that almost every chair fits this table. However, you should always check whether the combination between the table and the chairs is to your style and wishes, but above all 'correct'.

If your tree trunk table has a metal base, it can be nice to have matching chairs with metal chair legs, for example. By paying attention to these details, you ensure a beautiful and balanced combination of chairs and tables.

The tree trunk table that you have purchased from us is always delivered pre-treated. We treat the table with a matte clear coating so that your table is protected against most forms of dirt and moisture. The table can be used for several years in this case.

But how do you treat a tree trunk table? We'll give you some tips:

Lubricate your tree trunk table with oil once every 2 to 3 years, so that it remains protected against moisture and dirt.
Always dry wet spots or circles as quickly as possible with kitchen paper.
Clean the table regularly with a damp cloth and a small amount of green soap.
Uncleanable stains or dirt on your table? Sand this off and re-oil your table.
Moisture can cause cracks in the wood. Protect your table against this