Plant columns & Decorative pedestals

A plinth for statues or plant column for when it may be seen.

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Flora metal base

The finish with a cut-out leaf motif provides a soothing and luxurious look. Beautiful in a BOHO interior.

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Pedestals for statues & Plant pedestals: Some frequently asked questions

To determine the height of the desired plinth, it is important to determine its purpose. Which item is being exhibited, who is looking at the product on the pedestal and what is its purpose, decorative or sales-oriented? Here we will only talk about the decorative purpose

Determining the height of a plinth for statues and plant column is easy!
Is the plinth and the object on it mainly decorative? For example, to decorate a room with a plant or flower pot on it or decorative objects such as figurines. In this case, a higher pedestal that reaches eye level of the audience works best. This way the object, plant or flowers will immediately stand out to your guests because it is at the right height.

The height is determined depending on the item you want to display, the available space and its purpose – decorative or sales. The standard heights of 60, 70, 80, 100 and 120 cm are the most common sizes (heights). The exact dimensions per base and plant column can be found on the relevant product page.

The possibilities of what you can place on a plinth are of course unlimited. So you can decorate it completely according to your own wishes and taste. Think of beautiful plants or colorful artificial or living flowers in a large decorative vase. Art such as statues and figurines always do well on a pedestal. And what's more, a nice table lamp is also perfect. But don't limit yourself, candlesticks, a clock or self-made art can look just as beautiful on a column.

If you have enough space on the column, you are not limited to just one object, it is certainly fun to make combinations with objects, plants or both .