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Lusso Collection

This Collection is composed of candle holders with six different colors and two motifs. We selected ten refined scents for these soy wax scented candles to create an unforgettable experience. The charming design of these scented candles makes them suitable for any interior. Height 98 mm - Diameter 63 mm - Fragrance release: suitable for small to medium-sized rooms.


Lounge Collection

For the Lounge Collection we selected glazed candle holders in black, white and gray perfectly finished with a golden top edge. An extensive range of aromas ensures that these soy wax scented candles can be used in any room. The charm of our scents make your home a place of tranquility. Height 90 mm - Diameter 78 mm - Fragrance release: suitable for medium-sized rooms.


Fashion Style Collection

For the Modesty Collection, a conscious choice was made for the beauty of Minimalism. Candle holders in matt black and white with matching lid. The combination with your favorite scent makes this an exceptional set for yourself or surprise as an exceptional gift. Simplicity and aroma hand in hand for your home or workplace. Height 98 mm - Diameter 80 mm - Fragrance release: suitable for medium-sized rooms.



Make it even more personal. Just for yourself or as a gift, at Esentimo you have the opportunity to fully customize each of our collections to your own wishes. We pour your personal blend of scent and color into your favorite container.
To obtain an optimal scent distribution, a 100% natural Soy wax scented candle needs to harden for at least 2 weeks. We will ship your product after 1 week, order your scented candle in time. Wait at least 1 week before lighting the candle. However, you don't have to wait to enjoy your scented candle, you will also be able to enjoy the aroma when cold.

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