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Welcome to our exclusive brand collection, where innovation meets style and craftsmanship shines alongside functionality. Get ready for an extraordinary journey through excellence, where living spaces reach new heights of splendor.

Unveil the fascinating offerings of our hand-picked brands, each with a unique story and philosophy. From exquisite furniture to fascinating home accessories and enchanting decorative items, our brands embody exceptional quality, beautiful design and unrivaled individuality.

We recognize that there is an intrinsic connection between your home and your personal taste, which is why we have created a collection designed to meet different preferences. Discover timeless elegance or contemporary allure; our brands contain extraordinary gems just waiting to be discovered.

Immerse yourself in a world where craftsmanship flourishes and attention to detail reigns supreme. Witness each brand's unwavering commitment to excellence, the sourcing of the finest materials and the commitment of skilled artisans to lasting beauty.

Sustainability is our core. By partnering with eco-friendly brands, we prioritize responsible sourcing and minimal impact on the environment, without compromising on exceptional quality.

At the core of our philosophy is the belief that your home is a haven of peace, comfort and inspiration should be. Our Brands transform your living space into a beautiful expression of your unique personality.

Create a cozy atmosphere with lush, natural fur or enjoy the soothing glow of scented candles. Add opulence and luxury with our beautiful furniture and accessories that redefine sophistication.

Enjoy the art and craftsmanship. Immerse yourself in brands that are synonymous with exceptional quality, style and innovation. Take your interior to new heights of elegance with our hand-picked selection.


i-Catchers reseller

Experience the perfect mix of design and functionality with i-Catchers. Their carefully crafted furniture pieces are produced with an eye for reliability, flexibility, integrity and speed. Each item is a real eye-catcher and adds warmth, comfort and style to your living space.

Richmond reseller
Richmond Interiors

As a furniture brand, Richmond Interiors offers an extensive collection of exclusive and luxurious furniture. With a keen eye for the latest trends, they provide complete interior makeovers. Luxury is made accessible to everyone with Richmond Interiors.

Gilde reseller

With more than fifty-five years of experience, Gilde Handwerk is a trusted partner in the world of home accessories and gift items. Their extensive range includes classic, traditional and trendy pieces, carefully selected by a creative purchasing team. Discover their collection of gift items, glassware, porcelain, ceramics and lifestyle products.

Dyreskinn reseller
Animal skin

Inspired by Scandinavian interior designers, Dyreskinn brings ecologically tanned sheepskins that create a warm and inviting atmosphere. These natural pelts are unique and add a distinct touch of comfort and color to your home. Don't worry: Dyreskinn attaches great importance to sustainability and sources its pelts as a by-product of other industries.

Richmond reseller
Richmond Decorations

Richmond Decorations is a division of Richmond Interiors and focuses on offering beautiful home accessories and decorative items to beautify your interior. From classic to contemporary, their diverse range ensures you'll find the perfect pieces to complement your style and create a luxurious vibe.

Fabrikant van het Esentimo merk
We exempt

Our own house brand, Esentimo, is all about uniqueness and creating comfort in your home. Discover artisan soy wax scented candles that add warmth and style all year round. We also offer handmade natural stone bracelets, proudly manufactured in Belgium.