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A new adventure

Who are we?

Esentimo is a young family business founded by two very different but complementary personalities, Erwin and Alexandra. This young team combines 11 years of business experience, creativity and ambition.
As an international family: Belgian/Ukrainian, Esentimo combines the practicality and comfort inherent in the European mentality with the eccentricity of modern Ukrainian creativity.

Our mission

During covid and quarantine restrictions, Erwin and Alexandra saw how important it is to create comfort and cosiness at home, how nice it is to live where you find inspiration.
The idea behind Esentimo is to create a unique to create a product that helps to create comfort and style at the same time, allowing you to implement the most modern and original ideas.

"The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned." - Maya Angelou -

People these days have so separated themselves from nature that many of the benefits offered are forgotten. Esentimo makes unique, handmade 100% natural soy wax scented candles. Unlike paraffin, a petroleum product, soy wax is safe to use and healthy.

Candles are seasonal.

Nothing is as cozy as burning a candle at home, but do you still do that in spring and summer? Erwin and Alexandra also asked themselves this question and soon decided to go for a wider range of products. of home accessories and interior details.
All products on the site are united by one common characteristic: uniqueness.
The section "Home Cosmetics" presents collections of handmade soy candles, in different colors and with different scents.
In the section 'Interior decoration' the most diverse, creative ideas for creating a special interior are combined. Here everyone can find everything they are looking for.

What distinguishes Esentimo.be from other online shops and marketplaces?

Esentimo's scented candles are special items that can be a worthy replacement for mass-produced products. Here buyers communicate with the master, without intermediaries. You will also find design and interior items in their catalogue. When buying on Esentimo.be, you can always get advice or ask to create a personal soy wax scented candle based on your wishes.

Who is this project intended for?

The project is useful for anyone who prefers unique things or is looking for a special gift. We do not name our customers as a "target group", for us every order is important, every customer is unique.