Industriële kruk steampunk “Aviation" - 52 cm

Industrial stool steampunk | Aviation | H. 52cm

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Industrial stool steampunk | Aviation

Steampunk is the epitome of science fiction. This style originated in the pages of books by Jules Verne and HG Wells. The main question is how to implement steampunk as an interior style for an ordinary apartment? A cafe or a cinema - yes, but an interior... The style involves a full immersion in the sphere of technology - furnishing an apartment with gears, pipes, valves, chains, radiators, discs, levers, bolts, garlands, sensors, etc...

The style of this stool fully corresponds to the atmosphere of science fiction. Freedom of style allows you to place a chair in any room of the apartment, for example: in the living room, dining room, office. The chair is available in different sizes: 52 cm and 75 cm.

Please note that the Esentimo collection contains various interior accessories in Steampunk style. Complete your interior with interesting decorations!

*Note: Colors may vary slightly depending on your monitor settings!


Diepte: 47 cm

Hoogte: 52 cm


Extra info:

Frame: Metal

Base/Legs: Metal