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Buying a sheepskin as a real eye-catcher in your interior and fantastic to create a cozy place on a couch, your favorite chair, kitchen bench or on the floor.

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Buy natural sheepskins online: Some frequently asked questions

A real sheepskin costs on average between 40 and 200 euros, depending on various factors such as size, type and exclusivity.

With a cheap sheepskin, there is a good chance that you have bought a fake sheepskin.

But why do prices vary so much? There are many different types of fur. Logically, the cheapest furs are also the most common. Since many people buy a white sheepskin, these are also the most common types of fur. The prices of these white sheepskins are therefore often lower. For example, gray sheep are not very common, so a gray sheepskin will be more expensive.

It is best not to wash a sheepskin. Washing removes naturally occurring lanolin (wool fat) and the skin of the coat becomes hard and stiff as it dries.

The best way to keep your sheepskin clean is to by brushing and vacuuming it regularly. You can also air the coat from time to time so that it is completely fresh again. Still a stain on your sheepskin? Then remove it with a damp cloth and avoid getting the leather wet.

Original sheepskin can be recognized by its glossy wool colour. A real coat should also change slightly to a different color when the light changes.

One of the most important characteristics of a real sheepskin is its softness. You can also recognize the authenticity of original sheepskin by the smell.

You can immediately see the difference between an original and fake fur.

Remember that buying sheepskin in Belgium does not necessarily mean that the sheep were born and bred here, most of our sheepskins come from Scandinavia