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The scent of your home is personal and brings you happiness and confidence. At decoration & interior store Esentimo, we personally know that when we walk into a room with one of our favorite scented candles, it immediately gives us a pleasant feeling. Fragrance can immediately evoke memories and feelings.

Fragrances for the home are also always nice to receive as a gift and to give to others or maybe secretly just to yourself.

Do you want some gift ideas? TIP: All our soy wax scented candles are natural and handmade.

- Interior design -

The power of space

A space that reflects who you are inside makes you more stable and improves your mental state.

At Esentimo as a decoration and interior store we do not strive for a huge assortment. Here we prefer a smaller, carefully selected range of what best suits our customers and what they really want.

Your home should be a place where you get inspired in many ways. Above all, you should be happy there and your loved ones should be too. When you furnish your home with new interior decoration, you will feel the inspiration you need to do everything you need to do with a smile!

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Design small furniture

A selection of the best design furniture. You will discover a frequently updated range of beautiful pieces such as side tables, sideboards, wall racks, chairs, armchairs and chairs.

interior accessories

Accessories complete an interior like no other. Create and play with endless possibilities and variations, for a refined interior. We have put together a wide range of decorative figurines and figures, vases, bowls and dishes, wall decoration and clocks.


Light is indispensable in creating atmosphere. From striking sculpture lamps to soft lampshades, we searched for the best lighting products in bohemian, industrial, modern and classic style for any desired atmosphere.


Surprise someone with an Esentimo gift? Browse through our extensive range of scented candles and interior decoration items: from sculpture to canvas, from glass art to street art decoration, you will find the perfect gift here.

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