BOHO stijl in het interieur: Bohemian chic in plaats van creatieve rommel.

BOHO style in the interior: Bohemian chic instead of creative clutter.

A detailed guide to boho style.

Boho style

If at home you have a lot of multi-colored pillows, rugs and bedspreads with ethnic patterns, bright unusual furniture, original trinkets and hand-made gadgets, then most likely this is not a creative mess, but bohemian chic. The boho style in the interior allows you not to follow strict rules, not to use ready-made solutions, to combine incongruously and artistically clutter the space. But to apply boho chic really nicely, you need good taste and patience. Even this seemingly chaotic style has its own logic and harmony. We've put together a detailed guide with descriptions of various boho interiors, as well as a simple checklist for adding bohemian chic to any interior using furniture, decor and plants.

Boho in the interior: basic principles

"Boho" is a derivative of "bohemia". Bohemia was once referred to as a country located on the site of the modern Czech Republic. The Boii lived there - the Celts, roaming Europe, collected everything at hand and absorbed the culture and traditions of different peoples. Later, gypsies, itinerant artists, musicians and circus performers were called bohemias, and now they are representatives of creative professions: actors, artists, writers. The bohemian way of life is carefree, carefree, frivolous. In boho, interior design adheres to the same principles - these are objects from different parts of the world, comfort from nowhere, old furniture found at a flea market, all kinds of carpets, bedspreads and tapestries covering bare walls and floors.


With Boho you can combine different interior areas in one room. There are no restrictions and no need to maintain stylistic integrity. However, in order for the room not to look like an antique shop, it is advisable to stick to one motif: for example, oriental or European, and also to determine the accent color scheme. So the space will gain integrity and the mix of styles will be thoughtful, not accidental.

Boho Bohemian stijl


The boho-style apartment is full of contrasts and combinations of the incongruous. For example, expensive parquet with whitewashed brick walls. Or decorations with strips with simple wooden furniture. Or a red plaid with a blue sofa. In one room you can mix different materials: silk with cotton, wood with brick, tiles with metal. Use textiles with a contrasting pattern and pop a neutral background with bright accents.

Important! Boho is comfort and relaxation surrounded by your favorite things. Therefore, you cannot do without upholstered furniture. All kinds of armchairs, poufs, sofas in which you can drown, chairs with soft backs and seats are recommended.

Bright colors

A hallmark of boho style interiors are provocative, bright colours. Especially popular are red, blue, orange, yellow, green colors of natural shades. Usually they choose a basic color scheme, including neutral light shades, to which they already add a variety of catchy accents: bedspreads, panels, curtains, lampshades. Many different colors are used in one interior, creating the most unexpected combinations and giving the room the perfect degree of frenzy.


Despite the active mix of styles, it is difficult to meet high-tech in a boho style interior because of the commitment to natural materials. But wooden furniture in the style of vintage chic or country style wicker decor is simple.

Natuurlijke Boho stijl

Checklist for adding bohemian chic to any interior with furniture, decor and plants.

    Do's Don'ts
    Wood                Metal
    Rattan Artificial stone
    Stone Plexiglass
    Learn PVC
    Cotton Acrylic
    Silk Vinyl
    Skins Foam board

    Bohemian textiel en decor

    Textiles and decor

    Features of the boho style in the interior are a variety of boho decor and textiles. All kinds of collections of figurines, lamps, photo frames, paintings, candlesticks, vases and other funny little things collected over the years, various handmade from sale, junk from flea markets, travel souvenirs, masks, family heirlooms dear to the heart - everything finds its place in the boho apartment. And, of course, more light pillows, blankets, rugs of everything in a row - velvet, satin, linen, cotton, silk, with or without frills - it doesn't matter.

    Types of boho style

    With all the freedom of self-expression and individuality of each room in the boho style, designers distinguish several types of boho, within which there are certain rules for layout and combination of colors and textures. This is not so much a mandatory classification as a recommendation classification that helps to structure the elements of the boho style in the interior and create a more or less controlled chaos.

    Prachtig voorbeeld van Bohemian chic gestijlde woonkamer

    Boho chic

    Boho chic style in the interior is flashy luxury, real gypsy. To create boho chic in the interior with your own hands, you will need a lot of gold and crystal. With such a boho, the room looks very expensive and rich: carpets, jewelry, dishes, expensive upholstery, luxurious decor. The case where the accumulated can be demonstrated without fear of appearing ridiculous.

    Eco boho

    In eco boho in the interior, everything is made from natural materials - wicker furniture, straw bedding, linen bedspreads, pottery. Natural and ethnic motifs predominate here. A special place in the interior of the eco-boho style is occupied by indoor plants - there are many, many of them, which gives the catchy direction naturalness and sophistication.

    Eco boho stijl

    Glamorous boho

    Glamorous boho has many different shiny trinkets, beaded curtains, lace, feathers, rhinestones, vintage items. This is a 100% girly interior in which the whole world is hidden: here you will find original figurines bought at a flea market, crafts from a trip to India, chests from a garage sale. Even a small room in such a boho style will look luxurious.

    Een stijlvolle kamer ingerivht met glmoureuze BOHO

    Boho classic

    Subdued combination of classic furniture and ethnic motifs. Strict furnishings are lost under velvet bedspreads and satin pillows, beige walls under bright tapestries with contrasting patterns and elaborate lace curtains on the windows. This is an opportunity to revive a calm interior with bright details.

    Klassieke bohemian inrichting.

    Hippie boho

    Thanks to the hippies, the boho style has taken on a new breath, the touch of decadence has disappeared and an atmosphere of relaxation and joie de vivre has emerged. The hippie boho interior is filled with ethnic decor, macrame, dream catchers, various musical instruments and a million cushions that can be placed on the floor around the bong.

    Veel ditjes en datjes bij de hippie Boho

    Boho minimalism

    Minimalism in the interior is the opposite of boho style. But if you really want, then boho elements will take root even in the most restrained interior. For this, a few bright, contrasting details are enough - a couple of pillows, a tapestry or an ironic picture.

    Minimalistische boho

    Boho loft

    When artists and musicians reached the lofts, integrating boho became a matter of time. The boho loft in the interior is characterized by cozy textile accessories and bright furnishings, which organically complement the brick walls and high ceilings with metal structures and turn the urban space into the center of a bohemian lifestyle.

    Ook loften lonen zich tot de Bohemian stijl.

    Scandinavian boho

    Scandi boho interiors are a balanced and well-measured folly at the heart of orderly Scandinavian style. Bright vases on an oak table, books with colorful covers in an unpainted bookcase, plants in multi-colored flower pots against white walls and windows, a multi-tiered glass chandelier in an almost empty room - this combination of Scandinavian style in a boho interior is very suitable.

    Scandinavisch gestijlde boho

    Who suits boho style: advantages and disadvantages

    Boho style was created by creative people, bohemia, so it's still great for those with a creative streak. But if earlier such an interior betrayed the poverty of artists, now it shows that the owners like to surround themselves with things they like and know how to create a warm, cozy space from a variety of objects, expensive and not very duration. You can make a boho style room with your own hands.

    Glamoureuze boho tafelversiering

    The boho interior in the apartment makes it possible to combine any design direction as you wish, and not as dictated by the rules. Therefore, if you want to add something new to the interior, you can not be afraid to destroy the harmony of style

    Advantages and disadvantages of boho style in the interior


    • Suitable for any room of any size
    • Can be combined with any interior
    • Always cozy, cute, warm and romantic
    • It is not necessary to buy new furniture
    • No major repairs needed
    • Do-it-yourself decor looks organic.
    • You can easily transform the room
    • New things fit harmoniously into the interior.


    • Saturation with things, furniture, objects
    • Statuettes and chests gather dust
    • Variety, provocative, flashy colors
    • There are no ready-made solutions
    • It takes time to assemble the interior
    • Plants need care.
    • Natural materials wear out quickly
    • Constant control over clutter is needed.
    • Hard to clean, nowhere to hide things
    Blog: Boho chic, meer dan creatieve rommel

    How to apply the boho style in the interior: tips for different rooms

    The advantage of the boho style is that the size of the room is not important. It will look great in a small room, and in a small apartment, and in a large house. The main thing is to correctly combine furniture, decor and lighting.

    Boho Apartment

    Before you start applying the boho style in the interior of the apartment, you can prepare it: plaster the walls in relief, paint in the main color of the interior or paste wallpaper with a bright print. You can focus on one of the walls and apply patterns on it with a stencil. Wallpaper can even be glued to the ceiling. If the walls are brick, emphasize them, don't close them. Also, do not hide communications - pipes, beams, batteries. For the floor it is better to choose natural materials - boards, parquet, tiles, you can have a rough finish, aged. Various stained glass windows and mosaics are great for decorating a boho-style apartment.

    Boho appartement

    Boho house

    Not everyone in the household may like the boho style in the interior of the house, so it is worth consulting with relatives before deciding to decorate the whole house in this way. If there is no single solution and the whole bohemian style home does not take place, then you can stop at the living room, dining room or bedroom. And so that the interior does not fall apart, the room can be combined with common style elements - for example, colors, decor, finishes, bright accents, living plants.

    Boho huis

    Boho living room

    A boho living room doesn't have to look like an art gallery and be overloaded with decor, figurines and flowers. It can be bright and spacious if you properly organize all the space and keep to the general line. But for boho in the living room interior, you will definitely need armfuls of colorful pillows on the sofa, poufs and benches that can be used both as chairs and tables, several floor lamps with unusual lampshades, a grotesque chandelier with crystal or colored glass.

    An old velvet armchair with a plaid over it, a shabby chest of drawers inherited from a grandmother with a collection of elephant figurines on it, a wrought iron table will fit perfectly into the interior of a boho style living room. The walls should be decorated with bright paintings, photography, masks, tapestries. Lay thin rugs and straw pads on the floor.

    Bohemian woonkamer inrichten
    Boho in de slaapkamer

    Boho bedroom

    The main focus of the boho style bedroom design in the apartment is a wooden or wrought iron bed with a chic canopy, lots of light pillows of different sizes and shapes, and a bedspread with ethnic ornaments. Together they transform the sleeping place into a fantastic tent of an oriental princess. The role of a canopy can be played by a piece of chiffon fabric, a huge lace plaid or several huge scarf bedspreads tied together with various ornaments or patterns brought from a trip.

    The boho style in the interior of the bedroom is complemented by antique chests, dressing tables, wicker poufs. You can decorate the room with dream catchers, bird cages, photographs, paintings, candles and aroma lamps. The best boho decor in the bedroom interior is floor lamps with colored lampshades or simply scarves thrown over them, which give the room the right subdued light.

    Bohemian keuken met oranje tinten en mozaiek

    Boho kitchen

    For a boho style kitchen, chairs in different colors and styles, together at the same table, are perfect. Or you can even do without chairs - they can be easily replaced with a wooden sofa with soft pillows or mattresses.

    Samovars, clay pots, decorative dishes with oriental ornaments, pots of spices can be placed on shelves and tables, dry flowers, bunches of red onions can be hung from the ceiling, light towels and deliberately homemade ceramic dishes can be added. As for cabinets, they should be wooden, heterogeneous, Provencal or country style.

    Attention! Any technique is contraindicated in the boho style in the interior of the kitchen - all refrigerators and microwaves must be built into furniture or behind screens or other decorations be hidden.

    Boho bathroom

    In the boho style in the interior of the bathroom, the main thing is vintage and pretentiousness of details. Antique chests of drawers, aged cabinets, worn-out retro taps, custom-made Moroccan-style bathtubs and sinks fit the boho style of the bathroom better than shiny modern models.

    If there are windows, add stained glass windows, tiles should be muted or completely absent. It is better to paint the walls and hang them with drawings, tapestries and mirrors with blackened amalgam. You can add all sorts of wicker boxes, chests, baskets, plants, candles - any boho-style decor in the bathroom interior is good to muffle the coldness of modern plumbing.

    Bohemian badkamer met extra groen
    Boho kinderkamer

    Boho for kids

    A boho-style children's room is a fairytale world where fantasies can run wild. Complete indulgence and freedom to fill the space with anything make it easy to create a boho interior with your own hands.

    What can be used to create a boho style interior: handmade patchwork quilts, pillows, an awning tent, colored garlands, poufs, frameless sunbeds, lots of drawings on the wall, funny, flashy chandeliers and even a hammock or hanging chair.

    Dacha boho

    Dacha is the most bohemian place of all. The boho style gradually crystallizes here, naturally. First a massive old wooden table appears, then someone brings the remnants of chairs from different sets, which it is a pity to throw away, mats, straw beds are added to it - and now someone is weaving macrame for curtains and bedspreads, sewing a patchwork bedspread, covers it with colorful pillows hard homemade pouf and puts dead wood in old metal cans.

    Datsja boho

    This is how you add a boho-style atmosphere to your interior: checklist

    Boho style furniture

    • Soft sofa with clear cover
    • Canopy bed
    • Wicker or fabric footstool
    • Forged or textile footstool
    • Low table made of boxes or pallets
    • Vintage sideboard, chest of drawers or wardrobe
    • Wood or stone worktops
    • Chairs and stools in various shapes

    Boho decorations

    • Cushions in all sizes, patterns and shapes
    • Tapes with ethnic patterns on the walls
    • Light blankets, bedspreads, patchwork quilts
    • Multicolored carpets, paths, floor mats
    • Fringe, tassels, macramé, straw, beads
    • Flower pots with live plants and vases with dead wood
    • Various figurines and souvenirs
    • Photo frames, posters, pictures on the walls

    Boho style lighting

    • Large windows for natural light
    • Only yellow warm electric light
    • Artistic chandelier in crystal, glass, rattan or wood
    • Floor lamp near the armchair with diffused light
    • Table lamp with openwork lampshade
    • Homemade chandelier from bottles or cans
    • Glass sconces painted with stained glass paint
    • Many candles in different sizes of candlesticks

    In the boho style, everything depends on the character and taste of the owner of the interior - he and only he should be cozy and comfortable among all these things. Therefore, each boho interior is unique and reflects the character of the one who collected it.

    Boho gestijlde meubels
    Bohemian Boho Interieurdecoratie Woonaccassoires

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